Sunday, February 8, 2009

A little update

School has been going good. I am finally coming to terms with the fact that everything is never going to get done. As usual my expectations are always high, and I am realizing it is quality not quantity that matters.

For example I had a stack of things I wanted to do on thursday, (latin, language arts, science), the math got done at least, and for some reason we began talking about right triangles, I ran upstairs to grab a geometry template I had, and she was off. She spent and hour making all the shapes with the stencil and labeling them. I took the opportunity to read What's your angle Pythagoras? aloud, and that was it. An official geometry rabbit trail.

I absolutely adore when something comes up and I have the materials, "in house" like that.
Next week I will pull the Montessori three part cards on triangles and let her play with some shape models I have.

We also have been really interested in what's going on with the birds in our backyard.
There is a great website, where you can post and keep track of migrations of all sorts of thing. A great way to teach about data collection.
check it out here~

Bye for now.

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