Saturday, September 12, 2009

Classification, my favorite......

Ok, I may be a Zoology nerd, but I have been wanting to do some lessons on classification for the girls for a while.
I always had wished I had a better grasp on it myself in my younger years.
Things might have made a lot more sense.
Anyway, I found this charming book called
Benny's Animals And How He Put Them In Order. It is actually a children's book that talks about how as child learns to group animals into vertebrates and invertebrates by going to a museum with a stack of animal photos and talking with a professor there.
You can check it out here.
You know how I love using living books when possible, so this was perfect, and the girls dug it.
What did we do after the book? Well we got out some animals of course.....
I have lots of follow-up activities planned for this too~stay tuned.

Friday, September 11, 2009

First week report~

~Was my motto this week.
This is from a poster the British government came out with at the start of World War 2.
They never decided to use it, and I can't understand why?
It embodies the everything that needed to be said.
I love it!
So the girls did great. Sofia loved having her own schedule to follow, and really jumped ahead at times with her subjects. We added a little circle time, which was made possible because of Lucy- (or should I say triangle) where we have been doing read-alouds, talking about the day, and Sofia has been reciting her poetry to us.
This is where I eventually plan to do our artist/composer study.
Lucy had lots to choose from, lots of Montessori "jobs", puzzles and art.
The challenge was trying to grab her here and there to do a little math or phonics.
But I am pleased, I want her to have fun.
She has her own little area, and folder where she keeps her stuff,
and she really takes pride in it.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Well It's Happening.........

I have two in the mix this year. Lucy is joining the madness, I mean fun.
I have been planning like a crazy woman, and I think we are ready.
The girls woke up to these boxes this morning full of school supplies.
and I woke up to this~~ a much needed cup o' coffee.

Will write more later about how things are going, and curriculum, one of my favorite topics~