Saturday, September 12, 2009

Classification, my favorite......

Ok, I may be a Zoology nerd, but I have been wanting to do some lessons on classification for the girls for a while.
I always had wished I had a better grasp on it myself in my younger years.
Things might have made a lot more sense.
Anyway, I found this charming book called
Benny's Animals And How He Put Them In Order. It is actually a children's book that talks about how as child learns to group animals into vertebrates and invertebrates by going to a museum with a stack of animal photos and talking with a professor there.
You can check it out here.
You know how I love using living books when possible, so this was perfect, and the girls dug it.
What did we do after the book? Well we got out some animals of course.....
I have lots of follow-up activities planned for this too~stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet and very impressive. Keep up the good work!


Mama Rasheika said...

thanks kim~~

velmalikevelvet said...

thanks for the blog visit!

word on the street is there WILL be a 2nd sock summit, so i'll see you there!