Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back to Reality

Just wanted to check in, as we are finally home after an amazing trip, that seemed never ending.
It was so special to be with my dear friend Ana and her family again. They showed us so many lovely places, and I really enjoyed Massachusetts (gotta love those dunkin donuts iced coffees). We also were lucky enough to go to NYC, DC, and Virginia. More on all that later.....
We have been gradually getting back into the swing of things around here and I have personally been waiting for a bit of good weather to get outside. I have some things that just must go in the ground.
The girls are having a great time being back with all their doll stuff, and Sofia was over the moon to be back at ballet on Monday. The house is upside down, so I really have not been knitting much, will get back to it soon.

Can't believe the school year is almost over, and then I will have a 3rd grader and a kindergartner on my hands. These years are moving so fast. I cant believe I am still homeschooling, thought it was just going to be for a year......and we just keep going.
So happy I am able to be with these girls all the time so I don't miss too much.
Need to do some catching up with our schoolwork though, had a nice long break due to the trip. We all learned so much though, went to many museums, including the amazing American Museum on Natural History in Central Park, Plimoth Plantation, DC, Williamsburg......I am sure something sunk in.

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